Custom Order Requests

YES I do accept custom orders. This includes different colors than what is available in stock as well as a hardwired hanging lantern version. Email me with your request.


  1. Because custom orders are non-listed items they can only be paid for through Paypal at this time until further notice.
  2. Most times customer orders won’t ship out until 1-2 weeks due to me needing to order parts and build them.
  3. Prices will vary depending on request.
  4. Payment must be received FIRST and clear before I begin work on a custom order. I make no exceptions to this.

For your request please use the form below. We’ll go from there!


Do you build hanging lanterns?
Mike:. Yes I do as custom orders.

Do you ship internationally?
Mike: Yes I do. My top three international customers are UK, Canada, and Australia however I do ship worldwide. Please know that it does cost more to ship from the US. I do my best to keep my fees low and fair.

Do you provide a 240V socket and plug for my country?
Mike: Yes, as a custom order. These parts are much more expensive therefore the price of the lantern will be higher.

Do you offer custom colors?
Mike: Yes I do but sometimes a color may be requested that is not available to me. Custom colors will cause a slight increase in the sales price. Usually just a few dollars.

Can you build a lantern to hang on the outside wall of my house?
Mike: Yes I can as a custom order. I’ve had a few orders like this. I can provide a bracket for the wall but I have found most times that homeowners like to get one themselves at a local home improvement store in order to find the best match for their house. If I provide it instead, It will cause an increase in the sales price.

Are the lanterns weatherproof?
Mike: Yes they are but how well they do depends on your intentions.  If the lantern is placed under a porch or on the wall of the house it will be fine. If it’s place directly outside exposed to all types of weather with no covering of any kind I can not make any guarantees to how it will hold up.  I will use landscape wire for better insulation in weather and sun.


If any question or concerned was not covered here or through my shop policy feel free to contact me.